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Are you looking for buying a home in Spain?
But once you have found your dream home you realize that you can´t afford it?
Property values in Spain generally increase at an average of less than 5 per cent a year, although in some fashionable resorts and developments prices rise faster than average, which is usually reflected in much higher purchase prices.

Here you can get information about wood-frame technology houses. Please take a look at our photo-gallery (models-photo gallery) and choose your future house!

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Our company - Casastar Global Building S.L. offers new high-quality houses constructed with applying of North American (Canadian) wood-frame technology for help you to find answers of said questions.

We offer a wood-frame technology house. It´s not a loghouse, garden house or other sort of temporary habitation.
The wood-frame technology is actually a traditional technology with the only difference is made by use of wood building elements instead of reinforced concrete and steel.
80% of the people in USA, Canada, Japon and Europe who live in this type of house. These houses are completely adapted for climatic conditions of Spain